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Yellow Crane Tower
Yellow Crane Tower is one of the three great towers of the south. It originally locates in Huanghe ji of Snake Hill of Wuchang in Hubei Province. At first it was a wine-shop apened by Mrs.Xin. A Taoist priest wanted to thank Mrs.Xin for her favour of free wines of thousand cups, so he drew a magic crane on the wall and told it to dance to livethings up before he left. After that this wineshop was always full of guests and the business is booming. The Taoist priest revisited the wineshop after ten years. This time he played the flute and then rode on the crane to fly op to the sky. Therefore Mrs.Xin built a tower named Yellow her get rich.

Yellow Crane Tower is on the Yangtze River and locates on the top of snake Hill, which looks outstanding, splendid and magnificent. Naturally it becomes an intrersting place within the four seas. Celebrities in successive Zhang Juzhen etc. have come here to make merry and compose poetry. Cui Hao's poet "Yellow Crane Tower" has been regarded as an excellent work for a long time and many people can recite it. This poet has made a lot of people to remember Yellow Crane Tower, and so it is a natural thing for them to feel excited when the new tower has been completed. There are a lot of touching legends about this tower, one of which being as follows: A man named Fei Wei practise austerities to be an immortal in Yellow Crane Hill, and then he go to heaven riding on a yellow crane. CuiHao's poet was concerned with legend, which described as follows:Where long ago a yellow crane bore a sage to heaven,Nothing is left now but the Yellow Crane Terrace.The yellow crane never revisited earth,And white clouds are flying without him forever.Every tree in Hanyan becomes clear in the water,And Parrot Island is a nest of sweet grasses.But I look toward, and twilight grows dark.With a mist of grief on the river waves..

The old Yellow Crane Tower was a three-storey building, which was 9 zhangs and 9 chis high (with 7 chis high bronze top). The new tower looks very magnificent with five storeies, which is 51.4 meters high in all (with 5 meters high gourd shape top) and 20 meters than the old one. The ground floor of the old tower is 15 meters wide in each side and the new one's ground floor is 20 meters wide. Therefore we can say that Yellow Crane Tower has been reconstructed instead of being renowated. The new tower was designed according to people's modern needs and varying aesthetic conceptions, and at the same time it has kept some characteristics of the old one.

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