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With the "theme" hotpots, you must go to specialty hotpot restaurants that serve that theme. For example, a frog hotpot restaurant, a lamb hot pot restaurant, or a rabbit or duck hotpot restaurant. With this style, you get the main theme meat in the hot pot you order. A large pot costs around $50 yuan (more or less), and if you need additional meat, it will cost you by pound - ie. fish head hot pot usually cost around $15-$18 yuan per pound of fish head. Besides the main course in the hot pot, you can still order all types of other items as mentioned above in the same price range. A typical hot pot meal for 8 to 10 people will cost around $150 to $200 yuan. So it's very inexpensive.

Sichuan Hot pot Sea Bottom Scratch Sichuan Hot Pot Restaurant Zhuyuan Cun Hot Pot
Dong Lai Shun