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    Xinjiang-Tibet Highway (Yecheng-Burang) is also called the national highway 219, with a total distance of 2,743 km. It is the highway with the highest altitude in the world. The highway starts from Yecheng, a city in southern Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, passes by Gar county in Tibet and reaches Shiquanhe town, which is located in Ngari prefecture, Tibet, then the highway winds south to Burang county, where China borders India and Nepal. The highway turns east to converge with the China-Nepal Highway, and then extends to Xigaze and finally stretches into Lhasa. On its way the highway winds its way among several mountains, five of which soaring more than 5000 meters (16400 feet) high above the sea level. Among them the highest is Jieshan Daban Mountain, which is at an altitude of 6,035 meters. When you cross over the mountains, you can sense the grandness as you see the great mountains dwarf the surrounding ones. And it is easy to appreciate the spectacular view of the heavenly holy mountain Kailash, which is also called the "center of the world", and to feel the overwhelming charm of the holy lake Manasarovar.