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    Brief Introduction

    The 2,413-kilometer-long Sichuan-Tibet Highway starts from Chengdu of Sichuan on the east and ends at Lhasa of Tibet on the west. The road passes Ya'an, Garze, Chamdo. Sichuan-Tibet highway traverses 14 high mountains which average 4,000-5000 meters (Erlang Mtn,Zheduo Mtn and Hengduan Mtn), spans dozens of famous rivers (Daduhe River, Jinshajiang River, Lantsang River, Nujiang River), crosses primeval forest and numerous dangerous sections. It has fine views along the line, with unique customs. You can enjoy the magnificent and changeable scenery ranging from warm spring to cold and snowing winter, which makes you intoxicated. This climate will be changing ibefore your eyes, just like being in the paradise, and you may think "days in heaven, but years on the earth". There is no public transportation on this route and this route is closed to backpackers.

    A car trip may cost you 8—10 days.
    Highway Route
    In Tibet, the highway traverses Jinshajiang River Bridge—Gyamda——Chamdo——Bangdag——Baxoi——Bome——Nyingchi——Gongbo Gyamda——Maizhokungka——Lhasa. 
    Southern Route: 2,1 59 kilometers 
    Lhasa<—68km—>Maizhokungka<—206km—>Gongbo Gyamda<—127km—>Bayi<—19km—>Nyingchi<—127km—>Tongmai<—89km—>Bome <—129km—>Ra'og<—90km—>Baxoi<—94km—>Bamda<—107km—> Zogang<—158km—> Markam<—71km—>ZuBalong<—36km—>Batang<—165km—>Litang<—143km—>Yajiang<—74km
    —>Xinduqiao Xinduqiao<—75km—>Kangding<—49km—>Luding<—168km—>Ya'an<—139km—>Chengdu
    Northern Route: 2,412 kilometers
    Lhasa<—87km—>Yangbajain<—75km—>Damxung<—164km—>Nagqu<—136km—> Baqên<—225km—>Denqen<—248km—>Chamdo<—228km—>Gyamda<—85km—>
    Jinshajiang River Bridge<—24km—>Dege<—112km—>Manegange<—95km—> Garze<—97km—>Luhuo<—72km—>Damfu<—68km—>Baimai<—77km—>Tanpa<—55km—>Xiaojam
    More information on Tibet Transporation and Highway