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    Highlights :
    Qinghai-Tibetan platear is known as the world Roof ,the third Pole of the Globe, it is the original place of many big rivers in China. Qinghai-Tibetan railways is about 1142Km long, 960Km of which runs on the highland of  more than 4,000m and 550km of it passes across the all year round frozen earth. Qinghai-Tibetan railway has 34 stops which are located at Nachitai, Tuotuo River, Mt. Tanggula pass, Amdo, Nagchu, Damsung, Yangparchen and Lhasa etc. 7 sightseeing platform are specially built for the passengers enjoyment where the trains will stop for 10 to 30 minutes. The train can drive 160Km/hour with the most luxurious carriages equipped with the advanced facilities such as oxygen-supplying, pressure-balancing system etc. It takes about 50hours getting to Lhasa from Chengdu, you can appreciate the beautiful scenry during the daytime driving hours.

Land Only land+Train Single Supplyment Land+Air Land+Air+Land
2-5 Pax 1650 2050 190 2350 2240
6-9 Pax 1570 1975 190 2330 2160
10 Pax & above 1490 1890 190 2190 2080