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    Construction began on Tianjin Quanye Bazaar in 1928 and, with Tianxiang Plaza, comprises Tianjin Bazaar, where general merchandise is sold. A French architect originally designed the building, with its strong European style. After decades, the building maintains its charm and unique grace. It was ranked as a Class A National Protected Architectural structure.

    Over the years, Tianjin Quanye Bazaar has created a unique way of operating. Because of its location, at the crossing of Heping Road and Binjiang Avenue, two famous pedestrian streets in Tianjin, it is viewed as a symbol of Tianjin’s commercial prosperity. People in Tianjin call it the “No. 1 Store on Gold Street.” People outside of Tianjin believe that if they have not been to Quanye Bazaar, they have not been to Tianjin.