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    The Former Residence of Sun Yat-sen is at No. 7, Xiangshan Road, Luwan District in Shanhai City, where Mr. Sun Yat-sen worked and spent his late years.

    In 1918, Sun Yat-sen abdicated the position of generalissimo, and left Guangdong Province for Shanghai City. In the late 1919, the overseas Chinese in Canada raised funds to buy the residence for Sun Yat-sen. He moved to the residence in 1920, and wrote two books:Sun Wen's TheoryandThe Industry Programme.In August 1922, he met with Li Dazhao, Lin Boqu and Qu Qiubai, etc. On September 4 of the same year, a meeting on the reorganization of Kuomintang was held on the lawn of the residence. Some members of Communist Party were invited to attend the meeting. At the end of the year he met with Adolf Joffe, an envoy from the USSR. On January 26, 2003, the world-famousSun Wen - Adolf Joffe Joint Declarationwas published.

    The residence is a two-storeyed western-style building, with a lawn and garden in front of it. The first floor includes the living room and dining hall. The bedrooms and study are upstairs. The furnishings in the rooms are as what they were like in 1956. In the process of clearing up the residence, a batch of cultural relics that had been treasured for 30 years were found. Among them, there is Sun Yat-sen's manuscript ofFundamentals of National Reconstruction, the English manuscript ofThe Industry Programme,the Map of China drawn by him, as well as over 100 photos that record Sun Yat-sen's revolutionary activities.