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    The museum has over seventy classic vehicles on display representing twenty different brands that have had a significant impact in auto history. Brands range from the Rolls-Royce to such leading national brands as Ford, Citroen, Fiat, Volkswagen and Toyota. Even China's first generation car the Red Flag CA72, first made in 1958, is on display.

    The Automotive Exploration Hall is located on the third floor in the museum and covers an area of 2,000 square meters (2,392 square yards). It is divided into three function areas including automotive elementary knowledge, automotive design and manufacture as well as experience area. There are over 10 real objects and machines demonstrating presentation and 20 multi-media interactive presentations, from which visitors can learn about the automobile's structure, power, safety, comfort and future.

    The completion of the Automotive Exploration Hall has brought long steps to Shanghai Auto Museum in the goal of becoming a popular science museum on automobiles. At present, Shanghai Auto Museum is making efforts on the popularization and exchange of automotive culture and continues to cooperate with domestic and overseas manufacturers. Henceforth, the museum will keep up the good work to create it into a platform with wide international influence on the research and spread of automotive culture.