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    There are two railway stations in Hangzhou at present: the Hangzhou Railway Station and the Hangzhou South Railway Station. Hangzhou Railway Station is the larger one, which mainly operates trains that arrive at Hangzhou as a terminal station while Hangzhou South Railway Station mainly hosts trains passing through Hangzhou.
    Hangzhou Railway Station
    Hangzhou Cheng Zhan Railway Station, it is located in the downtown district at 1, Huan Cheng Dong Lu, Shangcheng District. This station was rebuilt and opened to use on December 28th, 1999. It has south and north ticket halls, five ordinary waiting rooms, one soft seats waiting room and seven platforms. The station is mainly supported by the Hu-Kun (Shanghai-Kunming) Railway and the Xuan-Hang (Xuancheng-Hangzhou) Railway. Here, trains connect Hangzhou with over 30 major cities, including bullet trains to Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Fuzhou, Nanchang, Xiamen, Ningbo, Jinhua, Wenzhou, Yiwu, Cangnan and Quzhou. At present, there are about 105 scheduled trains stopping here daily.
    Hangzhou South Railway Station
    This railway station is located in Xiaoshan District. It has taken over the passenger transportation of Hangzhou East Railway Station since Dec. 2009. It supplies trains to 40 cities in China, including 28 bullet trains to Shanghai, Fuzhou, Xiamen, Changsha, Nanchang, Wenzhou, Ningbo Wenzhou and Yiwu.

    After reconstruction, the station is oriented south and north. The building on the west side contains waiting rooms and exit. From north to south, they are the Exit, Ticket Hall, North Waiting Room, Bullet Train Waiting Room, Fire Passage and the South Waiting Room. The building on the east side contains Platform 1–5, as well as the Exit Platform Underpass, Entrance Platform Underpass and Entrance Platform Bridge from north to the south.

    If your train is heading south, you can wait for your train in the South Waiting Room. Punch your tickets at the No.7–9 Ticket Barriers and get on the train through the Entrance Platform Bridge. If your train is heading north, wait for your train in the North Waiting Room. Punch your ticket at the No.1–5 Ticket Barriers and get on the train through the Entrance Platform Underpass. If you are taking a bullet train, you can wait for your train in the Middle Waiting Room (the former ticket hall) and punch your ticket at the No. 6 Ticket Barrier. The entrance to the Middle Waiting Room is in the south of the North Waiting Room.

    When leaving the station, you go through the northernmost Exit Platform Underpass. The Ticket Barrier is at the exit with an Excess Fare Window. Having gone through the Ticket Barrier, you can either take a bus or taxi to leave the station. The Bus Station and the Taxi Parking Area are near the exit.
    Hangzhou East Railway Station
    Closed for reconstruction: Dec 2009~the end of 2011
    This station is situated in the east area of Hangzhou City. Before the reconstruction project, trains here provided service to and from nearly 40 Chinese cities including Shanghai, Sanya, Nanjing, Yiwu, Ningbo and Suzhou.
    Address: Tiancheng Road, Hangzhou City
    Bus Routes: 48, 302, 805, 818, 864, 20, K20, 20, 28, K28, 31, K31, 317, K317, 33, K33, 355, K355, 43, K43, K105, K106, K179, K189, K215, K228, K273, K304, K320, K516, K518, K618, K677, Y5, Y7