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    Hangzhou, a Chinese Southern City offers a superb collection of local crafts, rare arts and other souvenirs. Hangzhou Silk, Hangzhou Embroidery, West Lake Silk Umbrellas, Tianzhu Bamboo Chopsticks, as well as White Chrysanthemum Tea and world-famous Longjing Tea are typical Hangzhou specialties and souvenirs. Hangzhou has a great outdoor silk market called the China Silk City (Zhongguo Sichou Cheng) on Fengqi Lu that runs for two blocks.

    One of China's most dynamic cities, Hangzhou is a pearl in the Yangtze River Delta. Shopping in Hangzhou is no longer limited to local specialties such as China silk, tea, and lotus root starch. Today modern offerings abound in various shops, stores, supermarkets, and plazas that crowd the commercial center.

    Hangzhou is well known for producing excellent silks, including satins. Throughout its long history, a variety of Hangzhou silks and satins have been sold throughout the world. The best place for purchasing silk in Hangzhou is at Hangzhou Silk City, the biggest silk wholesale and retail market in China with more than 600 silk enterprises dealing in a wide variety of pure silk fabrics, garments, handicraft articles, scarves, and ties. The shoppers there not only do business on the mainland, but also export their silk products to Europe, America, Australia, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan. The market is distinguished as offering standardized management, reliable quality, and reasonable prices. It is located at No.253 Xinhua Road (at the intersection of Fengqi Road, Tiyuchang Road, and Xinhua Road) You can get to the site by bus No.11 and 28.

    Hangzhou Longjing Tea (Dragon Well Tea) is considered China's best. It is not only famous for its unique green color, fragrant aroma, sweet taste, and flat appearance, but is also regarded as a health elixir. The tea falls into different grades; the best is the first pick of a year, normally in late March or early April. Besides its good quality, Longjing Tea also enjoys a famous long history. If you are interested in tea culture and history, Meijiawu Village in West Lake District is the ideal spot where you can have a cup of tea, watch a tea ceremony, and select tea under professional guidance.