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    Impression West Lake is one of the outdoor folk musical shows under the title "Impression", co-directed by Zhang Yimou, Wang Chaoge and Fan Yue. It was first initiated in late 2007. Staged entirely upon West Lake, the show combines both the natural and cultural beauty of West Lake.

    Long long ago in the heaven, Jade Dragon and Golden Phoenix found a white jade on a fairy island near the Milky Way. They made every effort to polish the jade, and after many years got a gorgeous and shining pearl. Wherever the pearl shone its rays on, trees became evergreen and flowers blooming. This miracle was known by Xi Wang Mu, the highest goddess of heaven, and she sent out soldiers to extort the pearl. By accident, during the fight, the pearl fell into the human world and turned into the shimmering West Lake. To protect the lake forever, Jade Dragon and Golden Phoenix descended to the world and turned into Jade Dragon Mountain and Phoenix Mountain, lying near the lake ever since.