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    The most classical coffee house of Hangzhou is the Blue Mountain Coffee House. Famous people in Hangzhou often assemble at this spot. Various kinds of coffee with unique fragrances captivate the guests from all over the city. The shop has been entitled the demonstration base of professional service by the international authority. Address: 56-58 Dingan Road, Shangcheng District.

    The Roman Holiday Coffee House is located at No.152 Nanshan Road, where the trees cast a pleasant shade along the lakeside. Offering authentic Italian coffee and specialized service, the coffee house has become an ideal place for commercial affairs, get-togethers and recreation.

    Near the 6 park, there is a bar called Paradise Rock, which caters to Western tastes in beer, drinks and music. This expatriate community is very famous and popular, and can be found at No.15 Hubin Road, Hangzhou. Opening hours: 11:00am--3:00am.

    The bar Meng Zhi Hu (Lake of the Dream) lies at No.103 Nanshan Road. The wooden furniture here is unique and impressive. Once you enter the bar, your body will wave passionately with the hot music. Opening hours: 06:30pm--3:00am.

    Golden Time (Jinbi Huihuang) is a large entertainment centre, with Discos, KTV, a jazz bar and coffee bar. Located at No. 169, Qingchun Road of Hangzhou, the Golden Time is easy to reach by bus Nos. 18, 31, 8 and 59.