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    Hangzhou has many temples spotted in town. There are many visitors want to taste the vegetarian food here. Most temples have their own restaurant for visitors but visitors can find some in other places. There are several famous vegetarian restaurants in Hangzhou, such as Shou Kang Yong, Fu Xing Guan and Jing Lian Ju. Diners must order your dish clearly in the restaurants, since some are selling both vegetarian and meaty food.
    Shou Kang Yong Vegetarian Restaurant
    A Featured restaurant, sutras on the shelf, paintings on the wall, ancient style decorations, Blue and White Porcelain, you can even hear Buddhism music when dining. The dishes are another feature, you can hardly find out the ingredients of them. The cook is good at make meaty dish with vegetarian ingredients. Why not come and have a try? Recommended Dishes: Buckwheat Dumplings, Ji Xiang San Bao, etc.
    Average Cost: CNY40
    Address: 38 Yan An Nan Lu, Shangcheng District
    Fu Xing Guan Vegetarian Restaurant
    This restaurant is located on the top of Yu Huang Mountain, it is famous for the vegetarian food. The restaurant is available for meaty meal, vegetarians better order it clearly. Climbing the mountain and have some vegetarian food in this restaurant, isn't it the best health preserving trip?
    Recommended Dishes: Vegetarian Steaks, Assorted Vegetables, Mushroom Casserole, etc.
    Average Cost: CNY50
    Address: 1 Yu Huang Shan Lu, Xihu District
    Jing Lian Ju
    This restaurant is out of the Jing Lian Temple. The best part is the noodles. Some of the dishes have the name of meaty meal, you can hardly notice that they are made of bean products.
    Recommended Dishes: Vegetarian Moon Cake, Yu Shiang Eggplant (Sautéed with Spicy Garlic Source) and so on.
    Average Cost: CNY40
    Address: 56 Nan Shan Lu, Shangcheng District
    Yi Qi Yi Hui
    Recommended Dishes: Vegetarian Floss
    Average Cost: CNY58
    Address: 208-1 Tian Zhu Lu, Xihu District
    Yang Yi Tang
    Beside the Fa Jing Temple, Yang Yi Tang Vegetarian Restaurant provides diners with various vegetarian dishes. When worshiped the Buddhist in the temple, taste the vegetarian food and have a rest at the restaurant, it would be pleasurable!
    Recommended Dishes: Noodles, Vegetables
    Average Cost: CNY30
    Address: Beside Zhong Tian Zhu Fa Jing Temple, 112 Tian Zhu Lu, Xihu District
    Su San Zhai
    This restaurant is located inside the Jiang Si Min Su Wen Hua Yuan, main dishes are made of bean products and some vegetables. Visitors who want to taste vegetarian dish can have a try. Recommended Dishes: Vegetarian Steaks, Buckwheat Dumplings, Noodles, etc.
    Average Cost: CNY40
    Opening Hours: 09:30—17:00
    Address: Cheng Xiang Town, Xiaoshan District