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    Hot pot is a famous dish in China, originated from Sichuan province, it is now popular all over China. It is a perfect dish in winters. The hot, spicy dish with vegetables and meats in it attracted many diners.
    Dai Wei Hot Pot
    It is famed as a restaurant with low price and high quality, which attracted many diners. If you want to have a try, better come early since it is usually crowded at dinner time.
    Recommended Dishes: Hot Pot, Mutton Roll, Iced Tofu, Shrimps, Lettuce, Kelp, Beef Roll, Duck Blood, Needle Mushroom, Bean Vermicelli, etc.
    Average Cost: CNY35
    Opening Hours: 10:00—24:00
    Mo Gan Shan Lu Branch: 80 Mo Gan Shan Lu, Gongshu District
    Jie Fang Lu Branch: 172 Jie Fang Lu, Shangcheng District
    Yan An Lu Branch: 2/F, Children Book Store, 215 Yan An Lu, Shangcheng District
    Wen Yi Lu Branch: Cui Yuan Si Qu, Wen Yi Xi Lu, Xihu District
    Zhao Hui Branch: Zhao Hui San Qu, Xiacheng District
    Seaport Macau Hotpot
    The best part of this restaurant is the seafood. The ingredients are all freshly transported. The Hu Bin branch is by the side of West Lake, you can take a walk after the abundant dinner. Recommended Dishes: Slippery Shrimp, Seafood, Slippery Cuttlefish, Slippery Fish, etc.
    Average Cost: CNY180
    Opening Hours: 10:30—14:00, 17:00—22:00
    Hu Bin Branch: 39 Hu Bin Lu, Shangcheng District
    Xihu Guomao Branch: 2-3 Xihu Guomao, 60 Chang Sheng Lu, Shangcheng District
    Yu Xiang Long Chongqing Hot Pot
    Unlike the restaurants that meet the requirement of local people, they have made no change. So diners can found the authentic spicy hot pot here. Diners are all sweat like a pig but no one would put aside the chopsticks. The better thing is that they serve food in a reasonable price.
    Recommended Dishes: Mutton, Beef, Lotus Roots Slices, Waxgourd, Shrimp Ball, etc.
    Average Cost: CNY55
    Bao Chu Branch: 106 Bao Chu Lu, Xihu District
    Wen Yi Lu Branch: 230 Wen Yi Lu, Xihu District
    De Sheng Branch: 25 De Sheng Lu, Xiacheng District
    Macau Hot Pot
    Fresh soup and fresh ingredients, Macau Hot Pot successfully combined hot pot and seafood together. If you are by the square fond of hot pot and seafood at the same time, pick one of the branches and have a try.
    Recommended Dishes: Slippery Shrimp, Beef, Slippery Cuttlefish, etc.
    Average Cost: CNY114
    Nan Shan Branch: 101-1 Nan Shan Lu, Shangcheng District
    Bin Jiang Branch: 4287 Nan Huan Lu, Binjiang District
    Shangcheng Branch: 45 Zhong He Zhong Lu, Shangcheng District
    Jianggan Branch: 174 Xin Tang Lu, Jianggan District
    Bao Chu Branch: 27 Bao Chu Lu, Xihu District
    Xu Fu Niu Za
    Recommended Dishes: Beef Offal, Cowheel, Beef Offal Pot, etc.
    Average Cost: CNY47
    Xin Yi Fang Branch: 2 Xin Yi Fang, Gongshu District
    Wen San Branch: 535 Wen San Lu, Xihu District
    Wu Lin Branch: 291 Wu Lin Lu, Xiacheng District
    Shang Tang Branch: Sheng Li He Mei Shi Jie, Gongshu District
    Yong Jin Branch: 135 Yan An Lu, Shangcheng District
    Little Sheep Hot Pot
    You can see the green sign of Little Sheep hot pot in most Chinese cities. It is famous for its mutton hot pot with Chinese herb soup in the pot. The mutton is transported by air from Inner Mongolia.
    Recommended Dish: Mutton Roll, Mutton, Chinese Yam, etc.
    Average Cost: CNY60
    Address: 328 Wen Er Lu, Xihu District.
    Bai Sui Yu
    Recommended Dishes: Fish and Shrimps.
    Average Cost: CNY55
    Address: 177 Wen Er Lu, Xihu District
    Alaska Seafood Hot Pot
    Recommended Dishes: Slippery Shrimps, Assorted Seafood, Shrimps, Beef, etc.
    Average Cost: CNY128
    Opening Hours: 10:30—24:00
    Address: 8 Dong Po Lu, Shangcheng District