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    Hangzhou has many teahouses, people usually order a pot of tea and kill time in teahouse. Many teahouse offer buffet food, especially snacks and fruits. Sitting in a teahouse, sipping your tea while enjoy the beautiful scenery, half a day is then passed, isn't it pleasurable?
    Qingteng Teahouse
    It is located on the second floor of the Yuan Hua Plaza. It present you buffet food along with the tea you ordered. This is the most famous teahouse in Hangzhou, you'd better reserve it beforehand in holidays.
    Average Cost: CNY63
    Address: 278 Nan Shan Lu, Shangcheng District

    Xinyuan Teahouse
    It is an old teahouse in Hangzhou, it offer abundant buffet food, such as sunflower seeds, pine nut, raisin, fried chicken wings, lamb shashlik, fried dumplings, kiwi fruite, dragon fruite, rambutan, etc. Many people come here play cards or have tea. You'd better reserve the box room before hand. They have four branch stores at present, the one on Qing Chun Lu has the best environment and the one at Ti Yu Chang Road has the most reasonable price among the trahouses.
    Average Cost: CNY62
    Qing Chun Branch: 278 Qing Chun Lu, Xiacheng District
    Huang Long Branch: 5 Huang Long Lu, Xihu District
    Feng Qi Branch: 285 Jian Guo Bei Lu, Xiacheng District
    Xiang Ji Si Lu Branch: 40 Xiang Ji Si Lu, Gongshu District
    Hu Pan Ju Teahouse
    This teahouse is located by the side of West Lake, you can have a whole sight view of the lake by sitting near the window. The beautiful scenery made the teahouse the best place to spend your leisure time. The teahouse has two shops, both are by the side of West Lake, and they have open-air seats for customers to enjoy the picturesque lake.
    Average Cost: CNY100
    Address: Wang Hu Branch: 7/F, Wang Hu Hotel, 2 Huan Cheng Xi Lu, Xihu District
    Sheng Tang Branch: 1 Sheng Tang Scenic Area, Xihu District
    Wen Ying Ge Teahouse
    Located inside the Liu Lang Wen Ying Park, this tea house has a perfect position to see West Lake at the near sight and Lei Feng Tower at the far sight. You can eat the snacks, fruits freely if you ordered a tea here. Since it is a little crowded here, it is recommeded to reserve the box room beforehand.
    Average Cost: CNY60
    Address: 3 Liu Lang Wen Ying Park, Qing Bo Men, Nan Shan Lu, Shangcheng District
    Zi Yi Ge Teahouse
    This teahouse is famous for its fresh fruite, it is decoreted in traditional Chinese style. Like most teahouses, they present customers free snacks and fruits when ordering teas.
    Average Cost: CNY67
    Address: 172 Shu Guang Lu, Xihu District
    Tao Tao Ju Teahouse
    Average Cost: CNY66
    Address: 619 Feng Qi Lu, Xiacheng District
    Hao Yue Liang Cha Guan
    Average Cost: CNY56
    Address: 162 Tian Mu Shan Lu, Xihu District
    Hu Pan Cha Ju
    Average Cost: CNY112
    Address: 18 Yang Gong Di, Xihu District