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    When traveling, most people are keen to taste local snacks, as most of them have a long history and represent the local culture. In a city with abundant history, visitors can find many snacks that should not be missed, such as baozi, shrimps and chicken. With their various flavors and cooking methods, snacks are definitely a must in the daily life of people in Hangzhou.
    Zhi Wei Guan
    Zhi Wei Guan Restaurant was founded in 1913 by Mr. Sun Yizhai. It is now one of the most famous restaurants in Hangzhou. In its Ren He Branch, there are four stories of fine dining and top-of-the-line recreation facilities. Popular low-priced dishes are served on the first floor. The second floor serves seafood. The high and medium grade box area is on the third floor. The fourth floor consists of a banquet room, a bar, a chess room and a KTV recreation area. You can take advantage of the great views of the picturesque West Lake from the restaurant. The best part of Zhi Wei Guan are the snacks. They are authentic Hangzhou snacks at a reasonable price. Other Hangzhou cuisine is also good, but compared with the snacks it is a little expensive. Zhi Wei Guan has more than 20 branches in Hangzhou at present.
    Recommended Dishes: Mao Er Duo (small dough that is shaped as cat's ears), Glazed Lotus Root with Honey Sauce, West Lake Watershield Soup and Crisp Water Lily.
    Average Cost: CNY20
    Opening Hours: 05:30—22:30
    Ren He Lu Head Restaurant: 83 Ren He Lu, Shangcheng District
    Yang Gong Di Branch: 10-12 Yang Gong Di, Xihu District
    Wu Shan Square Branch: 278 He Fang Jie, Shangcheng District
    Jie Fang Lu Branch: 156 Jie Fang Lu, Shangcheng District
    Gao Yin Branch: 71-73 Gao Yin Jie, Shangcheng District

    Old Man Quick Fried Shrimp
    Old Man Quick Fried Shrimp serves the best shrimp in town. If you want to eat here, you have to obey the rules. For instance, you will be served what they decide, rather than ordering yourself. When you are finished, they request that you pay the bill straight away and they don't accept any additional orders. However, this restaurant is famous for its weirdness, its unclean environment and, the most important, its authentic quick fried shrimp, fried belt fish and cold spiced duck. Most of the time you need to wait for a seat, so you'd better go there early.
    Recommended Dishes: Quick Fried Shrimps, Fried Belt Fish and Cold Spiced Duck.
    Average Cost: CNY42
    Opening Hours: 10:00—22:00
    Yao Yuan Si Branch: 43 Yao Yuan Si Xiang, Jiang Cheng Lu, Shangcheng District
    Gu Shui Jie Branch: 9 Gu Shui Jie, Gongshu District
    Head Restaurant: 1/F, Jin Jiang Mansion, 288 Qiu Tao Lu, Shangcheng District

    Wu Shan Roast Poultry Restaurant
    This restaurant has a long history and it provides the most famous roast chicken in Hangzhou. The roast chicken is sold in a limited number and as you might get nothing after a long time of queuing, you had better go there early. It is worth queuing for such delicious food at a reasonable price!
    Recommended Dishes: Roast Chicken
    Average Cost: CNY23
    Wu Shan Branch: 62 Wu Shan Lu, Shangcheng District
    Guang Fu Branch: 158 Guang Fu Lu, Shangcheng District
    Qing Chun Branch: 1/F, Shiji Hualian Supermarket, 86 Qing Chun Lu, Xiacheng District
    Hu Shu Nan Lu Branch: 432 Hu Shu Nan Lu, Gong Shu District.
    Kui Yuan Guan
    It is said that without noodles of Kui Yuan Guan, your trip to Hangzhou isn't finished. Kui Yuan Guan has the fame of King of Noodles in the South of Yangtze River. Recommended Dishes: Xiabao Shanmian (Noodles with Fried Eel Silces and Shrimps), Pianer Chuanmian (Noodles with Preserved Vegetable and Sliced Pork and Bamboo Shoots in Soup), etc.
    Average Cost: CNY30
    Opening Hours: 09:30—22:00
    Jie Fang Branch: 154 Jie Fang Lu, Shangcheng District
    346 Wen Hui Lu, Xiacheng District

    Zhuang Yuan Guan
    This restaurant is called "Best Noodles in Hangzhou", along with Kui Yuan Guan. In ancient China, people would order noodles here before the Imperial Examination. Diners would be impressed not only by the old style decoration, but also by the tasty noodles.
    Recommended Dishes: Xiabao Shanmian (Noodles with Fried Eel Slices and Shrimps), Pianer Chuanmian (Noodles with Preserved Vegetable and Sliced Pork and Bamboo Shoots in Soup) and Sautéed noodles with minced meat.
    Average Cost: CNY34
    Opening Hours: 07:30—22:00
    Address: 85 He Fang Jie, Shangcheng District
    Xin Feng Snacks
    This restaurant is known for its steamed stuffed buns. People enjoy eating breakfast here. Everyday there are many people queuing. If you want to taste the famous Bao Zi, get up early and buy it!
    Recommended Dishes: Beef and Vermicelli, Shrimp Wonton and Steamed Stuffed Bun by Small Bamboo Food Steamer, etc.
    Average Cost: CNY9
    Opening Hours: 06:00—22:00
    Yan An Branch: 183 Yan An Lu, Shangcheng District
    Jie Fang Branch: 62 Jie Fang Lu, Shangcheng District
    Zhong Shan Branch: 111 Zhong Shan Zhong Lu, Shangcheng District
    Qing Chun Branch: 209 Qing Chun Lu, Xiacheng District
    Xiaoshan Branch: 925 Xiao Shao Lu, Xiaoshan District

    Wu Fang Zhai
    Recommended Dishes: Zong Zi
    Average Cost: CNY9
    Shi Hu Qiao Branch: 4 Shi Hu Qiao Lu, Xiacheng District
    Gao Yin Jie Branch: Gao Yin Jie, Shangcheng District

    Yao Bu De Gao Zu Sheng Jian
    Recommended Dishes: Sheng Jian Man Tou, Minced Pork Congee with Preserved Egg, Double Skin Milk Custard, etc.
    Average Cost: CNY16
    Opening Hours: 07:00—22:00
    Gao Yin Jie Branch: 22-30 Gao Yin Jie, Shangcheng District
    Dong Po Lu Branch: 94 Dong Po Lu, Shangcheng District
    Wen Er Branch: 206 Wen Er Lu, Xihu District
    Ti Yu Chang Lu Branch: 258 Ti Yu Chang Lu, Xiacheng District
    Xia Sha Branch: 280 Xue Lin Jie, Jianggan District