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    Westerners don't need to worry about homeland food in Hangzhou. Various restaurants here can serve food from Italy and France, here are some recommendations
    Recommended Dishes: Mushroom Soup, Pizza, Lasagna, Goose Liver, Tiramisu, Lobster, etc.
    Average Cost: CNY300
    Opening Hours: 11:30—14:00, 17:00—22:30
    Address: 26/F, Landison Plaza Hotel Hangzhou, 333, Ti Yu Chang Lu, Xiacheng District
    Peppino is located in the Shangri-la Hangzhou, diners have mixed feelings about the beef steaks but the pizza has best ingredients and heat control. If you want to enjoy the charming scenery while dining, you'd better reserve seats beforehand. English Menu is available.
    Recommended Dishes: Beef Steak, Prawn, Spaghetti, Goose Liver, etc.
    Average Cost: CNY300
    Opening Hours: 17:30—23:00
    Address: Shangri-La Hotel, 78 Bei Shan Lu, Xihu District
    Veranda is said to be the best Italian Restaurant in town, the Italian romantic atmosphere along with the garden view and the Baoshi Mountain in far sight are the best. The chef is come from Italy and all the ingredients are imported from his homeland by air.
    Recommended Dishes: Pizza, Spaghetti, Ham, and the Best Italian Claret.
    Average Cost: 239
    Opening Hours: 11:30—14:30, 17:30—22:30
    Address: 1/F, Dragon Hotel, 120 Shu Guang Lu, Xihu District
    Va Bene
    Recommended Dishes: Pizza, Tuna, Goose Liver, Seafood, Tiramisu, etc.
    Average Cost: CNY234
    Opening Hours: 11:00—22:30
    Address: 2/F, Building 8, Xihu Tiandi, 147 Nan Shan Lu, Shangcheng District

    This restaurant is owned by an American guy who has been working in the Hyatt, he provides diners with various Italian foods. The interesting thing is that most of the spices are planted by themselves on the roof.
    Recommended Dishes: Chateaubriand, Mini Burgers, Crab Cake Burgers, Pizza Galore, Fish and Chips, Deep-Fried Calamari and Mozzarella, Salads, Soups, Pasta and Martini.
    Average Cost: CNY170
    Opening Hours: 11:00—02:00 am
    Address: 6 Er Nong, Bao Chu Lu, Xihu District
    Pizza Pazza
    This restaurant is located downstairs of Va Vene, but not the same standards or prices. It has the best pizza in Hangzhou. There is band show at night.
    Recommended Dishes: Pizza, Cappuccino, Tiramisu, etc.
    Average Cost: CNY100
    Opening Hours: 10:00—24:00
    Address: 1/F, 8 Building, Xihu Tiandi, 147 Nan Shan Lu, Shangcheng District
    The restaurant doesn't have lavender and sunshine as the French City, but it has a romantic atmosphere and the best French cuisine in Hangzhou.
    Recommended Dishes: Marinated Beef Carpaccio, Escargots Burgundy Style, Salmon Steak, Pork Filet Mignon, Soft Chocolate Cake, etc.
    Average Cost: CNY183
    Opening Hours: 11:00—22:30
    Address: 1 Bai Sha Quan, Shu Guang Lu, Xihu District