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    Whether you prefer Chinese, Japanese or Western style food, cafeterias can meet your needs. Here are some famous cafeterias in Hangzhou:
    D'Café Cafeteria
    Recommended Dishes: Salmon, Oyster Sashimi, Goose Liver, Queen Crab, Scallop Sashimi, Lobster, etc.
    Average Cost: CNY260
    Opening Hours: 11:30—15:00, 17:30—22:30
    Address: 1/F, Dragon Hotel, 120 Shu Guang Lu, Xihu District
    Hyatt Café
    This cafeteria is located on the first floor of Hangzhou Hyatt Hotel, it is by the side of West Lake. Recommended Dishes: Salmons, Sushi, Broiled Codfish, Scallops, Cheese Cake, Tiramisu, Cream Caramel, etc.
    Average Cost: CNY220
    Opening Hours: 09:00—22:00
    Address: 28 Hu Bin Lu, Shangcheng District
    Hangzhou Friendship Hotel West Lake Revolving Restaurant
    The restaurant is located on the 20th floor of the Friendship Hotel Hangzhou, customers can enjoy the magnificent view of West Lake while having dinner. Recommended Dishes: Salmon, BBQ, Beef Steak, Lake Crab and Fotiaqiang (Steamed Abalone with Shark's Fin and Fish Maw in Broth). Desserts include Crispy Durian Cake, Blueberry Mousse Cake, Mango Pudding and Ice Cream.
    Average Cost: CNY150
    Operating Hours: 06:30—21:00
    Address: 53 Ping Hai Lu, Shangcheng District
    Victoria Peninsula Buffet
    This buffet is located on the first floor of the Victoriaregal Hotel.
    Recommended Dishes: Salmon, Oyster Sashimi, Lake Crab, Lamb Steak, Scallops, Abalone and Sushi. Desserts include Milk Custard and Danish Yogurt.
    Average Cost: CNY138
    Operating Hours: 07:00–10:00, 11:00–14:30, 17:30–21:00
    Address: 89 Yan An Nan Lu, Shangcheng District.
    Tairyo Teppanyaki
    Recommended Dishes: Salmon, Fresh Oysters, Cod, Scallops, Eel, Sushi and Tempura.
    Average Cost: CNY129
    Operating Hours: 11:00–23:00
    Address: 8-10 Hu Shu Nan Lu, Gongshu District
    Merchant Marco Hotel Café le Mediterranean
    Recommended Dishes: Seafood, Beef Steak, Arctic Sweet Shrimp, Lamb Shashlik, Crispy Shredded Duck, Salmon and Crawfish. A variety of desserts is available.
    Average Cost: CNY100
    Operating Hours: 06:30–22:00
    Address: 17/F, Merchant Marco Hotel, 38 Ping Hai Lu, Shangcheng District
    Howard Johnson Café
    Recommended Dishes: Salmon, Crab, Sushi, Scallops, Octopus and Oyster Sashimi. Their signature dessert is an egg tart.
    Average Cost: CNY80
    Operating Hours: 11:30–15:00, 17:30–22:30
    Address: 288 Gen Shan Xi Lu, Jianggan District
    Butterfly Laguna
    Recommended Dishes: Cod, Pork with Fermented Red Beancurd, Korean Ox Tongue, Roast Eel and Wonton. Desserts include Pudding and Tiramisu.
    Average Cost: CNY80
    Operating Hours: 11:30–22:00
    Address: 147 Nan Shan Lu, Shangcheng District
    Caribbean is known for its BBQ and evening entertainment.
    Recommended Dishes: BBQ, Roast Chicken Wings, Bacon and Baked Corn.
    Average Cost: CNY70
    Operating Hours: 11:00–14:00, 17:00–21:00
    Address: 58 Yan An Nan Lu, Shangcheng District.
    Eastern Venice Grand Hotel Cafeteria
    Recommended Dishes: Seafood, Scallops, Fresh Oysters and Beef Steak. Desserts include Tiramisu and French Pudding.
    Average Cost: CNY63
    Operating Hours: 17:30–21:00
    Address: 3/F, Eastern Venice Grand Hotel Hangzhou, 387, Wen Er Lu, Xihu District
    Recommended Dishes: Bacon Rolls, BBQ, Brochettes, Chicken Wings, Ox Tongue and Roast Leg of Lamb.
    Average Cost: CNY60 Operating Hours: 11:00–14:00, 17:30–21:00
    Address: 1/F, Orange Hotel, 176-1 Nan Shan Lu, Shangcheng District
    Pudding is the featured dessert.