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    The China Tea Museum, located in Shuangfeng Village, longjin Road, is specialized in Chinese tea culture. With a total area of 2244 square meters, it is a state-level museum which opened in October 1990.

    It is a good place for visitors to experience the tea culture because Shuangfeng Village is the producing area of Longjin Tea. The museum consists of four buildings. The No.1 Building is served as the displaying place. There are five exhibition halls: the exhibition hall of the history of tea, the hall of the gathering of famous tea, the hall displaying some knowledge on planting, producing and drinking tea, the hall of the custom of drinking tea and the hall of the evolution of the tea service.

    The No.2 Building is used for foreign guesses reception and culture exchange. The No.3 Building boasts six tearooms for visitors drinking various kinds of tea. Visitors can appreciate the Chinese Tea Art and the tea ceremony in the No.4 Building. The whole museum is like a beautiful garden with the flower corridors, fake hills, ponds and water-side pavilions well integrated.

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