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With the rapid development of economy, the urban transportation system in Chongqing City is becoming perfect. Tourists who visit Chongqing feel very convenient with the varied public means of transportation.

Public transportation in town is very convenient within nearly 300 bus lines operating. Normally, buses run from 05:30 to 21:00 and the ticket fare is CNY1 to CNY2. There are other options such as minibuses, air conditioned buses, and tourist routes. A word of warning: city buses are very crowded during rush hours, so try to avoid them at these times.

In fact, city buses in Chongqing are classified into ordinary, medium-grade and high-grade vehicles. The medium ones correspond to air-conditioned buses in other cities. The starting fare is CNY1.5 and a little bit higher than ordinary ones. However, Medium-grade buses look new and more comfortable. There is a sigh on the front window indicating the bus grade. Buses with two red stars are medium-grade.

Here are some special tourist lines for reference:
Operating Hours: 07:00-18:00
Main Stops: Naxigou, Jiguanshi, Gaoyangou, No.11 Middle School, Danzishi

Operating Hours: 07:00-19:00
Main Stops: Laolong Dong (Laolong Cave), Yanziwo, Wenfeng, Huangshan, Nanshan Park

Operating Hours: 08:00-16:00
Main Stops: Tongjing Scenic Area, Shichuan, Folk Culture Village, Shangqing Temple, Chaotianmen Dock

Operating Hours: 08:00-14:00
Main Stops: Chaotianmen Dock, Shangqing Temple, Zhangguan Karst Cave

Here are some bus routes running to some attractions inside the city:
Pipashan Park: Nos. 401, 402, 405, 109
Nanshan Park: Nos. 383, 384
Hongyan Village: Nos. 215, 217, 219
Chaotianmen: Nos. 102, 103, 251
Eling Park: Nos. 109, 412, 421

Note: From October 12th, 2007, the passengers who take bus at the departure station of any public buses in Chongqing are required to accept the check-up to their baggage by the personnel from Security-Check Department. Considering the security of passengers on the bus, please do not take with the flammable articles and so forth which present significant hazard to get on the bus, and cooperate with the personnel for the check-up work.