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    Hotpots are the most famous traditional dish in Sichuan, of which Chongqing hotpot is specially noted. Characterized by heavy flavors, diverse ingredients, and steaming aromas, hotpot is to the local culture what tea is to Chinese culture. As such, this is the first and best choice of tourists seeking a local specialty.

    Hotpot restaurants can be found throughout the city. People gather around a small pot filled with a flavorful and nutritious soup. There are a great variety of hotpots, including Yuanyang (Double Tastes) hotpot, four tastes hotpot, tonic hotpot, sheep hotpot, etc. To suit customers of different preferences, salty, sweet, spicy, or sour flavors of hotpot are available. Generally you can choose your own ingredients (from a wide variety of cut meats and fresh vegetables) and cook them yourself at the table to your taste. Once it is ready, you can dip it in your favorite sauces.