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    Zhang Fei Temple is located 55 km from Wanxian and 64 km from Fengjie, Yunyang County which had been known as the place of it, Zhangfei maybe is not known to many western visitors, but very famous in Asia. the temple is a famous historical sites along the Yangtze River.

    Opposite to the Yunyang county , the magnificent Temple with glazed tile and red walls perches on the Flying Phoenix Hill on the southern bank of the river.

    Zhang Fei was a general in Shu Kingdom, one the "Three Sworn Brothers" (the other two were Liu Bei and Guan Yu),in Three Kingdom Period 1,700 years ago. The novel " Three Kingdom Romance" which has deep impression inner the Chinese people' s mind spread his story wild. It was told that after he was murdered by his two subordinates, his body buried in Langzhong and head brought to Yunyang. That is why a temple - actually a building group -- was built here.

    The Brothers Pavilion comes from the legend that Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei becoming sworn brothers in the novel "Three Kingdom Romance". Due to the flood of 1870, most of the present dates from the late 19th century and has been extensively restored in the last few years. In front of the main hall are giant statues of the three famous sworn blood brothers-Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei. Inside the hall sits the wild-eyed, red-faced Guan Yu; on either side are scenes from his life. The Helpful Wind Pavilion, built 850 years ago, contains steles and huge portraits of the general and his wife. It is said that his spirit, in the form of a helpful wind, frequently assisted passing boats. Junkmen used to stop at the temple to light firecrackers and burn incense in appreciation. Rich collections of paintings, tablets and inscriptions earn it high praises. Moreover, the serial bells of Western Zhou Dynasty, bronze sword of Eastern Zhou in the hall are most interesting. Exhibition of pottery, bronze, porcelain and jade carvings witness the ages. It is well worth a 2 to 4 hour visit.

    It is the most famous folk stories in China and an example in ancient China. The shrine is at the top of the Feifeng (Flying Phoenix) Mountain, Yunyang County, Chongqing, on the southern bank of the Yangtze. The temple has a main hall on the top and layers and layers of vermilion banisters and blue tiles. There is a colored statue in the temple, which vividly depicts the legendary hero, with rolling eyes. There are also tablet inscriptions, calligraphy and paintings.

    Zhangfei Temple is only one ancient relic which would be submerged totally. It has been replaced in new location with the Yuyang County now. You can enjoy the new but total same Zhangfei Temple.