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    Chongqing Zoo is strategically located at the suburb to the west of Chongqing. Founded in year 1953 with an area of over 700 Mu, the natural topography of the surrounding as well as the breathtaking scenery has ensured the zoo to be a home for the animals as well as a retreat center for visitors. There are about 230 species of animals within the zoo with about 6000 animals as a whole. It can be considered as one of the largest zoo throughout China.

    Besides that, Chongqing Zoo is also the Conservation and Reproduction Base for Giant Panda, South China Tiger as well as some other endangered animals. Recently, Antelope Hall, Elephant Hall, Giraffe Hall, Panda Hall as well as Gorilla Hall have been added to the map of Chongqing Zoo.

    In order to provide a better environment for the reproduction of endangered animals, the new hall which specially designed for them is under construction currently. Moreover, there is a theme park located at a corner of the zoo as well. Besides offering children playground, there are also some activities for the adults who pursue excitement. So, requirement of various types of visitors can all be fulfilled here.