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    Puningsi temple is one of the Waibamiao (Eight Outer Temples) of Chengde. It was built in 1755 by Emperor Qianlong to commemorate his victory over the Dzungar people and to memorialize his hope that a period of universal peace would prevail.

    The temple is supposedly built in imitation of the Sangye monastery in Tibet, though the architectural features are mostly Chinese with some Tibetan elements. The main hall of the temple, the Dachengge, contains a standing Buddha image of Guanyin which, at over 24 meters tall, is the largest of its kind in China.

    According to GPS readings taken on site, the front gate of the temple is located at 41 00.81294' N, 117 56.76912' E (WGS84 map datum).

    Plan view

    Image largely redrawn and adapted from Ancient Architecture of Chengde by Tianjin University.