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    Anyuan Temple, the Temple of Distant Peace, is one of the Eight Outer Temples of Chengde. It was built in 1756 by Emperor Qianlong following his victory over the Dzungar people of Outer Mongolia.

    As Patricia Ann Berger notes in her book, "Empire of Emptiness", the construction of the temple was intended as an act of restitution following Qianlong's campaign in which he destroyed one of the key Dzungar Temples in Ili, Xinjiang (occasionally, Anyuan temple is referred to as Ili temple for this reason). Qianlong's diplomatic gestures extended only so far, for he did not admit any culpability in the inscriptions recorded on the stele of the temple, in which he dedicates the temple to the leader of the Dzungars, Dasi Deva.

    Two years later, in 1758, Qianlong deported 12,000 Dzungar tribespeople to Chengde, where they were settled near Anyuan.