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    Yunfoshan Ski Resort is situated by the Miyun Reservoir at the suburb of Beijing. the Yunfo mountain is a land of ice, ice hills, waterfalls, slopes and flowers offering a pure natural atmosphere. Skiers and families are drawn to Yunfoshan for fun, excitement and challenges. The resort's varied terrain delivers different experiences for skiers of every level but one thing is constant; it will never disappoint you.

    This ski resort is one of the large and popular resorts in beijing and has 10 trails, experts may test their skills on Yunfoshan's 2 expert trails. Intermediate will be excited and beginners feel confident. Yunfoshan offers something for everyone. Travelers' interest in Yunfoshan is increased by the various activities the resort has to offer. Sleds drawing by horses or dogs attract many people seeking a gentle experience. Ice sculptures, ice waterfalls, ice pillars and dazzlingly firework set off in the sky provide a feast for your eyes. Campfire party at night is a great occasion to join in and make friends.