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    Huaibei Ski Resort is located 70 kms from Downtown Beijing. Huaibei is said to be the biggest ski resort in Beijing with the longest run all over. The resort encompasses a total area of more than 30,000 square meters.

    Ski season in Huaibei begins in late November and ends till early March. The advanced snowmaking system and favorable weather conditions bestowed by Mother Nature ensures around 1-meter deep snow in and around the resort.

    The Huaibei resort has two advanced trails & two intermediate trails with another four beginner's tracks. The ski trails at Huaibei International Ski Resort are more than 3,100 meters long in total, with a drop elevation of 238 meters. The cableway is 1,200 meters in total. The ski terrain in Huaibei Ski Resort is encircled by mountains topped with the ancient Ming Great Wall. Huaibei Ski Resort presents something for skiers of all skills with its 7 trails. 4 are for beginner trails, 2 for intermediate skiers and 1 expert trail. The 7 trails sums up to be 3,800 meters in length.

    Even if you don't know how to ski or snowboard or if you don't like this sport, this resort will not disappoint you. There is a wide variety of snow related activities, other than skiing, that you can enjoy in this resort. For instance, you can enjoy snow archery, horse drawn sledding, and snowmobiles which will keep you busy. This resort has two ropeways which provide a spectacular view of the Great Wall and mountains surrounding it. These ropeways are another reason to come to this resort, even if you don't want to ski.

    The ski season of this resort starts in the last week of November and ends in the first week of March. The resort has a snowmaking system and the weather conditions are also perfect for skiing. These two factors make sure that there is enough snow on the slopes during the entire season. The resort receives around 1 meters of snowfall every year.

    The natural scenes from Huaibei Ski Resort are simply breath-taking. The white snow, extensive glades, blue sky, beautiful mountains and the Great Wall create a setting that cannot be replicated anywhere else in the world.

    Huaibei ski resort has all the facilities you can need for a comfortable vacation. You will find many hotels and eateries in the resort. You can also rent the ski equipment and take ski lessons in the resort.