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    On a scale from 0 to 20 (0 = the ski mound in Chaoyang park, 10 = Nanshan) Snow World is a 2-top dollar for third-rate Snow World is in the same picturesque valley as the Ming Tombs. Although Snow World can't quite claim title as the "absolute worst"ski resort, they definitely take the lead in the "least value for your money:category; charging almost twice the price and delivering half as much as other places. They have 3 easy slopes, each no longer than a soccer field.

    No snow grooming means the snow can have icy spots. They offer snowboarding but I didn't see any snowboards in the equipment racks and no snowboarders were on the slopes. The equipment is crap. Some SnowWorld descriptions claim, "Equipment imported from North America" but I noticed one set of skis was stamped "Blue Ridge Hotel" so a more apt description might be,"all skis rescued from North American landfills."

    They want an astronomical RMB400 deposit for these skis.The public address system makes constant safety announcements in Chinese and Chinglish. The instructors had a special entrance where they could cut the lift line. That might be justified if they were helping people on the slopes but they were only doing practice runs.

    This place survives off of tourists to the MingTombs who don't know there are three better ski places in the same.

    Equipment: They only stocked uncomfortable beginner's style boots and offered a hodgepodge of ancient, off-brand, non-carving skis in poor condition. They guy handing them out thought mixing brands was OK; giving me one Swallow and one Yamaha. There were no lines getting equipment. They hand you a pocket full of plastic cards to track the equipment.

    Lodge: The bare-bones restaurant, with cracks in the wall and ceiling, seemed designed for maximum echo effect. The tile floors are near deadly should you track a bit of snow in with your boots. For RMB 40 you get a selection of Chinese dishes served on a stainless steel tray. A better bet is the outside barbeque with seating that looks like it was plucked from a cheap fast-food joint. No hot chocolate.

    Lifts/Runs: + Three easy hills served by 2 disc lifts and 2 cable tows. Waits were around 5 minutes. They incorrectly classify one of the hills as an intermediate; only the first 10% of the run is intermediate.