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    Beijing is a paradise for shopaholics. There is a large variety of items from elsewhere in China and abroad. Many emporiums anddesignated tourist shopping centers have foreign currency exchange counters and accept major credit cards.Modern Beijing offers many shopping opportunities.

    There are many supermarkets, shopping malls, shopping areas and distinctive markets. For day to day items, supermarkets are well stocked. Shopping malls in China, to some extent, cater for the high end of the market. Large shopping malls in clusters form shopping areas, some of which are in fact commercial streets.Bargaining is a routine in China when shopping, with the exception, of course, of supermarkets, department stores and exclusive shops.

    In China, bargaining is neither a quarrel nor a face-losing act, but instead a friendly communication. Remember: vendors always overcharge, allowing a wide scope for you to haggle.

Build your own Beijing Trip
If our already-made tours can not meet your expectation and you would like to make your own Beijing trip, just tell us the attractions you want to see, the things you want to do, the places you want to stay, we will tailor make a tour to suit your needs . You will receive our tentative itinerary with quotation within 24 hours.

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What are the attractions you would like to see in Beijing? Great Wall
 Badaling Great Wall  Mutianyu Great Wall  Simatai Great Wall
 Jinshanling Great Wall  Juyongguan Great Wall  Huanghuacheng Great Wall
 Jiankou Great Wall  Huangyaguan Great Wall  Shanhaiguan Great Wall

Beijing Historical Sights
 Tiananmen Square  Forbidden City  Temple of Heaven
 Summer Palace  Old Summer Palace  Hutong Tour
 Prince Gong's Mansion  Bell and Drum Towers  Ancient Observatory
 Beihai Park  National Theatre  Sacred Way of Ming Tombs
 Jingshan Park  Lama Temple  West Qing Tomb
 Houhai Lake  East Qing Tomb  Marco Polo Bridge
 Tanzhe Temple  Ding Tomb of Ming Tombs  Chang Tomb of Ming Tombs
 Peking Man Site  Jietai Temple  Confucius Temple
 Hongluo Temple    

Beijing Modern Sights
 Tiananmen Square  Olympic Green  Capital Museum
 Beijing Military Museum  Grand View Garden  City Planning Exhibition
 Beijing Aquarium  National Grand Theatre  798 Art Village
 Beijing Zoo  Stone Flower Cave  

Beijing Shopping markets
 Panjiayuan Flea Market  Yashow Clothing Market  Silk Market
 Liulichang Street  Hongqiao Toy Market  Tianyi Wholesale Market
 Jdae Market  Hongqiao Pearl Market  Chinese Tea Ceremony
 Cloisonne Factory  Lady Street  Tailors
 798 Fine Art District  Electronics and Computer Marke  Photography Market
 Wangfujing Street  Sunny Gold Shopping Market  Lady Street

Beijing Night Activity
 Dinner on the CCTV Tower  Chaoyang Theatre Acrobatics Show  Laoshe Tea House
 The Legend of Kungfu  Beijing Night Show& Banquet  Tiandi Theatre Acrobatcis
 Huguang Guild Hall Peking Opera  Liyuan Theatre Peking Opera  Peking Duck Dinner & Show

What's your special travel interest?
 Architecture  Bird Watching  Boating
 Cooking Learning  Cuisine Tour  Cycling
 Handicapped Tour  Festival Activities  Food & Wine
 Honeymoon  Martial Arts Learning  Old Beijing
 Museums  Student Travel  Snow Skiing
 Spa, Hot Spring  Subway Tour  TCM Study Tour
 Walking Tour  Taichi Learning  World Heritages
 Religion tour  Photography  Train Travel

Your Meal Options
 Sichuan Spicy Food  Beijing Roast Duck  Dumpling
 Hotpot  Muslim Meals  Jewish Kosher Meal
 Typical Chinese Lunch  Spa with Massage & Buffet inner  Afanti Muslim Dinner & Gala Show
 Genges Indian Style Dinner and Gala Show
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